Bare naked

Prepped and ready.

Bare naked nails, my polish from Heathers Hues is tracked to come today. Yay!! Can’t wait to get something on them.
My right hand is shorter than left, it’s my working hand.

Posting tomorrow colors for you all!!



I was accepted to swatch for my first indie brand!! As soon as I get them from, Heathers Hues, I’ll post! Besides she has the best name ever!!
Very excited!! Besides my profession brands, I love supporting indie brands! Unfamiliar with indies? Indies are “independent” polish lines. Most are made by hand, a color at a time. You get great glitters and Holos with indies. Some have been around and have become popular, some are new.
Most, if not all, are at least the 3 free. Heathers Hues are 5 free!! Find a lot on IG.
Ok, that’s all for now.

New things

It’s spring and new growth and new beginnings. Still snow on the ground.
I love my new salon. I’m getting my mojo back! I am starting to love it again, but there’s always doubts. Is this what I am suppose to do.
I am a designer for Origami Owl Living lockets. The new spring charms and lockets are terrific.




I’ve also been trying to learn as much as I can about essential oils. I’ve been experimenting with 2 companies, DoTerra and Young Living. Both are well known and have therapeutic grade oil. After a few months of that, I have decided to go with DoTerra. My take on it, it’s easier to use and understand, user friendly.
I’ve used oils to help with headaches, neck aches & now my allergies.
I’ll update on different oils and uses soon. So far it’s been working great.

Now on to what going on in my nail world.


This is another from Dollish Polish, It’s so fluffy, I’m going to Die!!
It’s 3 coats, I didn’t get the bigger flakes in this round, maybe next.


I found something similar on InstaGram. I wanted to try it out with my Nail Vinyls.
Very spring, wouldn’t you say.
Sorry that my paragraphs are so jump to a topic, then switch! It’s the way my brain works. Way too much happening inside there.
I’m not trying to change anyone’s life with this, just my little outlet,

A little of this and that

It’s been a busy few weeks. I started at a salon, and it’s been a great start. I love seeing my clients. I appreciate them all. I’m getting my passion back, I thought I had lost it all together.
I only had a couple chances to do my own nails, this is what I came up with


I’m kinda liking this new CND vinylux color, Desert Poppy.
I’ve also been learning a lot about essential oils too. Trying to help with headaches and fibromyalgia . I’m a wholesale member with Young Living Essential Oils. I love learning all this. I also picked up a starter kit from my neighbor from DoTerra.


I love this set as well.
I’m also adding a pet to my family in April, a little baby hedgehog!!!

Now I just have to give him a great name.
A lot going on!!
I’m also starting to get fit and lose this “winter weight”, taking a que from an old friend of mine. Starting to walk, then we can add to that. It’s supposed to warm up here, 35-40, this week. Then I can get to it!!
That’s all for now.>

Below zero

Oh! I am soooo over winter!! Today was our 50th day below zero! It’s the 5th time it’s happened. Also, it’s been since the 1970’s since we’ve had this!! Yep, done. But it’s only march 3rd.
So as I usually do, polished my nails bright this time. Using desert poppy and tropix, both by CND vinylux.

I’m excited, I start at a new salon wed & I already have more people on my books than I’ve had lately. A few I haven’t seen for over a month, I’m super excited to see them and catch up.
I haven’t been anxiety ridden. So that feels great!
I’m excited that it’s just a little salon with hair and nails, no spa. Just do my work. Not having to train, focus on numbers always. Focus on me and my client, sorry they’ll always be clients.
It looks like I’ll be fixing a few as well…
So busy, but not too much to tell.

Here comes a change

First off, thank you to my followers! Like a friend (Heather),of mine said, we like being liked. It’s true we do, we crave it. So thanks!
Also this is one of my absolute favorites from Dollish polish.

Totes Magotes! Limited polish. I’m on my way to being in her little club. That’s what happens when you hoard polish.
Well it’s still winter here in MN, it’s going to be for a long long time.

Argh! Wishing for spring. It’s been so cold and then snowing. So much, there’s no space to even put it anymore!
I eluded to change in my title. I’m changing salons (again.) this one isn’t a spa, just hair and nails. I’m super excited to see my clients! I’ve missed them a lot. And by all the texts and calls I’ve gotten over the last week, they’ve been missing me as well. That makes me feel so good. It’s been a month of a lot of anxiety, stress and blah! I am super excited about this change.
I also bought nail vinyls from @teismom (IG) stripes, chevron and bolts.


I hope that added on.
Thank you all for your readership!

Whoa it’s been awhile

Where has the time gone… Life derailed me for a bit. Big changes happening to my life, career wise.
First, the holidays came. Busy time for family and work. Then much needed vacation to Florida mid January.
Oh, quit my job of over 5 years. Started somewhere new, not caring for it at all. Oh, everyone is nice and helpful, but starting all over isn’t good for an anxiety prone person. So I’m calling 2014, MIDLIFE crisis.
I’m turning 40 in a few months. Wondering to myself “is this really what I want to be doing in 10-15 years??” Yes. I think.
So I do love what I do, nails. I just need a new home. Yes a home. Hopefully tomorrow brings me one. Or there’s always the rental option…again anxiety. Or da da da! Something not in the beauty industry! What!? Again anxiety.
I’ve been polishing like crazy. Love colors, love art, love happy people.
Since we are stuck in this ever loving Polar Vortex forever… People leave. To be warm, to be happy. But 1st, they need happy feet. That’s where I come in. I do love it, I do.
So here’s to Marie! Cheers, I’m blogging again. It may not be all unicorns and glitter. But it’s what I do, there’s a fair amount of glitter too.

Newest shades, from Dollish Polish (love her), the man in black. A holo black, camera does not do this justice. My new favorite, for now.

Playing with Nail Vinyls, love. With vinylux polish.