These are a few of my favorite things!

Here we go! The last push before the holidays, so much we think we need to do, or get done. I received my order from Dollish Polish late last week, and the colors are great. I also love when your reading and there’s a random Doctor Who reference.


This is ‘It’s bigger on the inside’, I LOVE this color. I could wear this a lot, it’s a Tardis Blue with a silver shimmer.

20131215-185720.jpg I have been waiting for this to be in stock, Expecto Patronum. A must for all potter fans.

25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights, from the Griswald Christmas Vacation. I really like this as well, will be wearing closer to Christmas. It’s a cream with a mix of silver, and gold glitter and stars.

Also from Christmas Vacation, the Jolliest Bunch of As*holes This Side of the Nuthouse. The name alone is great, it’s a cream with large and small glitter and circles in red and green.

Shellac in Midnight Swim with silver foil and silver hologram glitter. I liken to a winter night.
Merry Christmas!



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