Below zero

Oh! I am soooo over winter!! Today was our 50th day below zero! It’s the 5th time it’s happened. Also, it’s been since the 1970’s since we’ve had this!! Yep, done. But it’s only march 3rd.
So as I usually do, polished my nails bright this time. Using desert poppy and tropix, both by CND vinylux.

I’m excited, I start at a new salon wed & I already have more people on my books than I’ve had lately. A few I haven’t seen for over a month, I’m super excited to see them and catch up.
I haven’t been anxiety ridden. So that feels great!
I’m excited that it’s just a little salon with hair and nails, no spa. Just do my work. Not having to train, focus on numbers always. Focus on me and my client, sorry they’ll always be clients.
It looks like I’ll be fixing a few as well…
So busy, but not too much to tell.


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