A little of this and that

It’s been a busy few weeks. I started at a salon, and it’s been a great start. I love seeing my clients. I appreciate them all. I’m getting my passion back, I thought I had lost it all together.
I only had a couple chances to do my own nails, this is what I came up with


I’m kinda liking this new CND vinylux color, Desert Poppy.
I’ve also been learning a lot about essential oils too. Trying to help with headaches and fibromyalgia . I’m a wholesale member with Young Living Essential Oils. I love learning all this. I also picked up a starter kit from my neighbor from DoTerra.


I love this set as well.
I’m also adding a pet to my family in April, a little baby hedgehog!!!

Now I just have to give him a great name.
A lot going on!!
I’m also starting to get fit and lose this “winter weight”, taking a que from an old friend of mine. Starting to walk, then we can add to that. It’s supposed to warm up here, 35-40, this week. Then I can get to it!!
That’s all for now.>


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