Below zero

Oh! I am soooo over winter!! Today was our 50th day below zero! It’s the 5th time it’s happened. Also, it’s been since the 1970’s since we’ve had this!! Yep, done. But it’s only march 3rd.
So as I usually do, polished my nails bright this time. Using desert poppy and tropix, both by CND vinylux.

I’m excited, I start at a new salon wed & I already have more people on my books than I’ve had lately. A few I haven’t seen for over a month, I’m super excited to see them and catch up.
I haven’t been anxiety ridden. So that feels great!
I’m excited that it’s just a little salon with hair and nails, no spa. Just do my work. Not having to train, focus on numbers always. Focus on me and my client, sorry they’ll always be clients.
It looks like I’ll be fixing a few as well…
So busy, but not too much to tell.


Whoa it’s been awhile

Where has the time gone… Life derailed me for a bit. Big changes happening to my life, career wise.
First, the holidays came. Busy time for family and work. Then much needed vacation to Florida mid January.
Oh, quit my job of over 5 years. Started somewhere new, not caring for it at all. Oh, everyone is nice and helpful, but starting all over isn’t good for an anxiety prone person. So I’m calling 2014, MIDLIFE crisis.
I’m turning 40 in a few months. Wondering to myself “is this really what I want to be doing in 10-15 years??” Yes. I think.
So I do love what I do, nails. I just need a new home. Yes a home. Hopefully tomorrow brings me one. Or there’s always the rental option…again anxiety. Or da da da! Something not in the beauty industry! What!? Again anxiety.
I’ve been polishing like crazy. Love colors, love art, love happy people.
Since we are stuck in this ever loving Polar Vortex forever… People leave. To be warm, to be happy. But 1st, they need happy feet. That’s where I come in. I do love it, I do.
So here’s to Marie! Cheers, I’m blogging again. It may not be all unicorns and glitter. But it’s what I do, there’s a fair amount of glitter too.

Newest shades, from Dollish Polish (love her), the man in black. A holo black, camera does not do this justice. My new favorite, for now.

Playing with Nail Vinyls, love. With vinylux polish.

CND Vinylux

CND brought us a polish line back in May, Vinylux.
We’ve been using this in our salon since it came out. It’s a great, very durable polish. CND reformulated polish forever. This line doesn’t need a base coat, and drys in 8.5 min, I like to say under 10 min. There’s about 60 colors and about 90% match their Shellac line. I think there’s about 6 that aren’t in Shellac. I’ve included a few pictures of bottles. I apologize for the darkness, this time so year in MN there’s not a lot sunlight.




This is one of my favorites from the line, Daring escape.
Vinylux is hands down, one of the best polishes I’ve ever used. It does last a week. Even with working doing Shellac & pedicures, all I ever have is a little wear to my right index and middle finger. On the toes, it doesn’t budge. It does take acetone and a little elbow grease to take off the Vinylux.




Vinylux is easy to work with, for simple designs.
Look for Vinylux at salons only.

Ciate Nail Lab

Well, I have to apologize. I wanted to post last night, but I was a little busy with making the polish with my daughter. I love this kit, but making polish is tricky. So we had a lot of fun.

We started with Charlottes fav, the designer of ciate.
I mixed the glitter up in a test tube and then put into the suspension top coat. Not an easy thing to do. I used a wooden orange wood stick to mix a bit better than the mixing ball. I made a mess.

Closer look at the bottle. It’s not fully mixed up, but getting there.



We mixed a light baby blue polish with a beige polish color, together in a Petri dish. This polished onto my nails with a separate polish brush that was included in the tools drawer. You really have to be quick with this step, as the polish starts setting up in the dish. Not exactly sure how I feel about it, it really didn’t turn out the way I wanted.
This is the end result, with the glitter top coat.

I think if I try it again, I’ll just polish with the baby blue and glitter top coat. I am looking forward to doing more with this kit on wed.

Ohh! I received the greatest gift ever this last week. Tomorrow I am going to play and post what we created. So this is it

The Ciate Nail Lab.
I am so very excited about this. My sister sent it to me, as an early Christmas gift.
It is huge! The top opens, & there’s recipe cards, get the look step by steps. The Nail Lab has also has 6 colors to have as base colors in your mix.

The first drawer has 8! Yes 8 suspension top coats, for creating your mix.

The second drawer has 2 empty bottles for any glitter mix you’ve made and have a left over to save. It also has 12 glitter pots, various colors and sizes.

The third drawer has all the professional tools that you would need. These are tools I have at the salon as well. It includes a cuticle pusher, a dotter, a polish brush , nail file, & a striping brush. There’s is also mixing balls for polish mixes your have created. There’s a Petri dish for mixing glitter or polish, 2 tubes for glitter mixing, a funnel for saving glitter into empty bottles, & sponges for ombré look.

There’s endless possibilities with this kit. Tomorrow’s post will be fun.

My nails are almost ready, polish is off. For anyone wondering if polish or gel polish is going to ruin, or dry out their nails, I always have polish on, I don’t like my nails nude. Here they are, looking pretty good, a little long.
I’ll be back tomorrow with color on my nails again.

Winter is coming

Yes, it’s upon us here in the north. Right now it’s 11 degrees but feels like 2. It’s the “feels like” that messes with you.
I thought today I’d post a few swatches and also break a few of the myths I hear almost on a daily basis.

Great color for this time of year, this is Dark lava from CND Vinylux polish. I added glitter to accent the color & to give some flash.

Also a favorite of mine, Shellac in Midnight Swim and Black Pool added to the free edge as a broken line to blend. Do this when layer is still wet, before curing. Then colors will blend nicely together.

Ok, on to a few popular myths and some truths.
1. Nails do not breathe. They are made of about 100 layers of dead Keratin cells. Nail thickness is determined by the length of the matrix. The matrix is right below the bottom of the nail. Damage the matrix, you’ll have a damaged nail for life.
2. The white spots are not anything you be worried about. It’s called Leukonychia, it’s a kind of a nail bruise. Injure the matrix a little and you’ll have a white spot. The cells aren’t able to flatten out and become translucent. These spots will grow out.
3. What grows faster and when? Nails will grow 20% faster in the summer. Your middle finger grows the fastest, your big toe grows the slowest. Yes, when your pregnant your nails grow faster, especially the last couple months they’ll have a 20% jump in growth. Chalk that up to good nutrition and lots more blood flow.
4. We don’t cut what you may think is your cuticle. That is living skin around your nail with a weird long name. The cuticle is actually dead tissue that’s shed from the underside of the Eponychium (that’s the weird word for skin). Since it’s dead, we can use a cuticle remover that breaks it down off your nails and remover with a pusher or clipper.
So theres a few that we here at least on a weekly basis.
Well, I’ll write some more reviews tomorrow and step by steps as well.
Thanks! Heather