Here comes a change

First off, thank you to my followers! Like a friend (Heather),of mine said, we like being liked. It’s true we do, we crave it. So thanks!
Also this is one of my absolute favorites from Dollish polish.

Totes Magotes! Limited polish. I’m on my way to being in her little club. That’s what happens when you hoard polish.
Well it’s still winter here in MN, it’s going to be for a long long time.

Argh! Wishing for spring. It’s been so cold and then snowing. So much, there’s no space to even put it anymore!
I eluded to change in my title. I’m changing salons (again.) this one isn’t a spa, just hair and nails. I’m super excited to see my clients! I’ve missed them a lot. And by all the texts and calls I’ve gotten over the last week, they’ve been missing me as well. That makes me feel so good. It’s been a month of a lot of anxiety, stress and blah! I am super excited about this change.
I also bought nail vinyls from @teismom (IG) stripes, chevron and bolts.


I hope that added on.
Thank you all for your readership!


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