Black fri

I am not one to go shopping on Black Friday. Too many crazy people, besides my sanity is worth more to me. Trying as well to teach my kids, that it’s not about the gifts or big tvs. We are thinking of homemade gifts for the kids to give to friends and loved ones.
Count me out of the craziness. Yuk. Just driving anywhere was a mess today.
Anyways, we had a very quiet thanksgiving, made a ham and had a little dinner with kids.
Today was much of the same. I ordered a few more polishes from Dollish Polish, as well.
But for now I used vinylux in dark dahlia, it’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine, with Formula X, Turbulent.

Love this, at least until new colors come!
Ella had fun with her polish today as well.


She was using the 3 stroke method to polish, instead of the painting a fence method. She’s coming along quite nicely.
Well off to bed, working in salon tomorrow .


Holidays and hurt fingers

Well it’s the happiest and most glitteriest time of year! I’ve been starting with all the holiday nails at work, that’s always fun. As my manager says “follow the glitter and you should find Heather”.

20131128-103821.jpg I took this off my Instagram acct, as I did not remember to snap it myself. We did Shellac in Rubble with some shimmery glitter. This is the best stuff I’ve found, it’s actually MAC eye makeup, but I couldn’t figure it out to stick to my eyes. So I tried on nails, fabulous! It lays flatter, and it’s discs. More mirror shimmer than glittery.
I love holiday nails and more to come as it starts up here.
As for the hurt nails, my son smashed his pinky finger about a month ago. It was very bad.

This was the other day. Almost there, and will come off soon. Pretty eh?
The best way to handle this bad of a smash, is to heat a safety pin with a lighter & slowly drill into nail. This makes a hole and releases all the blood and goo (technical term). You’ll still lose the nail, but it helps with the throbbing pain. It’s his pinkie, so that will grow back quite quickly.
I’ll be back soon with holidays galore. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Green is the best color

It is, I love it. I seem to always pick the same shade for my living room. I’ll be polishing my nails green later, with some sparkle.
I was gone a few days to Omaha, to visit with my sister and her lovely family. She had a new baby this last July & 3/4 of mine hadn’t met Elliott yet. So I apologize for not posting for a couple days.

I wanted to show a few metallics from Sephora’s, Formula X. I have found this line to be long lasting, I generally use Orly Bonder and Vinylux top coat with most polish lines. I like Seche top coat as well, no worries. I haven’t ever been the biggest fan of metallics, but they are In, so I gave them a whirl.


Hard to photograph as well. This is Need For Speed, a silver metallic.

This is a violet, Racy. I do like this, I like a bit of color to the metallics.

A pink copper color, Vroom.

My favorite, yep it’s green. Rocket. Fuel, love it!
I am excited to buy a few more Formula X next time at Sephora.
It’s beginning to be a very busy time of year, my retail sales at work sure have gone up this month. So there’s some kind of economy happening.
I’d like to thank you all for following my blog as well. Thanks again! Heather

About me

I thought I’d write a little more about myself and what I do day to day at work. I wrote briefly in my bio about me.
I have been a licensed Nail Tech in MN for almost 14 years. I work at and Aveda Lifestyle salon, New Reflections Salon, in Maple Grove MN. I absolutely love what I do, I am very passionate about my work. Which also can hinder what I work on and who I work with.
I started this as an outlet for what I cannot do at work, and for representing what we do.
I have been married for 15 years to a wonderful man, we have 4 kids, Hanna-14, Connor-12, Isaac-11, & Ella-9. Ella loves to paint nails as well. I also have a couple autoimmune diseases, conditions, whatever you’d like to call them. I have hashimotos thyroid disease and fibromyalgia. Fun times! I am gluten intolerant as well, at least that helps with the 2 other conditions. I also limit dairy and grains. So there are bad, sore days and good days.
My career is tough on the old body. People don’t realize how physical and taxing it can be. I try my best to get a massage every month.
My focus in the salon is Shellac. For those not familiar with this product, it’s made by CND, creative nail design. Shellac is in the Gel polish family, but does not have gel in it. Shellac was recently patented for its formula. Shellac is easy to pally and remove, with no harm done to the nail. There’s so much you can do with it as well, foil, glitter and color layering.
I also love their new polish line, Vinylux.
I love any polish actually. I have fallen in love with Dollish polish and Formula X at Sephora as well. I will try any line on myself, for at home.

This is a combination of Dark dahlia from Vinylux and meteor from Formula x, top coat I like is the Vinylux, it drys fas and can go over any polish.
That’s all for now, going on a road trip to Omaha to see my sister.

CND Vinylux

CND brought us a polish line back in May, Vinylux.
We’ve been using this in our salon since it came out. It’s a great, very durable polish. CND reformulated polish forever. This line doesn’t need a base coat, and drys in 8.5 min, I like to say under 10 min. There’s about 60 colors and about 90% match their Shellac line. I think there’s about 6 that aren’t in Shellac. I’ve included a few pictures of bottles. I apologize for the darkness, this time so year in MN there’s not a lot sunlight.




This is one of my favorites from the line, Daring escape.
Vinylux is hands down, one of the best polishes I’ve ever used. It does last a week. Even with working doing Shellac & pedicures, all I ever have is a little wear to my right index and middle finger. On the toes, it doesn’t budge. It does take acetone and a little elbow grease to take off the Vinylux.




Vinylux is easy to work with, for simple designs.
Look for Vinylux at salons only.

Ciate Nail Lab

Well, I have to apologize. I wanted to post last night, but I was a little busy with making the polish with my daughter. I love this kit, but making polish is tricky. So we had a lot of fun.

We started with Charlottes fav, the designer of ciate.
I mixed the glitter up in a test tube and then put into the suspension top coat. Not an easy thing to do. I used a wooden orange wood stick to mix a bit better than the mixing ball. I made a mess.

Closer look at the bottle. It’s not fully mixed up, but getting there.



We mixed a light baby blue polish with a beige polish color, together in a Petri dish. This polished onto my nails with a separate polish brush that was included in the tools drawer. You really have to be quick with this step, as the polish starts setting up in the dish. Not exactly sure how I feel about it, it really didn’t turn out the way I wanted.
This is the end result, with the glitter top coat.

I think if I try it again, I’ll just polish with the baby blue and glitter top coat. I am looking forward to doing more with this kit on wed.

Ohh! I received the greatest gift ever this last week. Tomorrow I am going to play and post what we created. So this is it

The Ciate Nail Lab.
I am so very excited about this. My sister sent it to me, as an early Christmas gift.
It is huge! The top opens, & there’s recipe cards, get the look step by steps. The Nail Lab has also has 6 colors to have as base colors in your mix.

The first drawer has 8! Yes 8 suspension top coats, for creating your mix.

The second drawer has 2 empty bottles for any glitter mix you’ve made and have a left over to save. It also has 12 glitter pots, various colors and sizes.

The third drawer has all the professional tools that you would need. These are tools I have at the salon as well. It includes a cuticle pusher, a dotter, a polish brush , nail file, & a striping brush. There’s is also mixing balls for polish mixes your have created. There’s a Petri dish for mixing glitter or polish, 2 tubes for glitter mixing, a funnel for saving glitter into empty bottles, & sponges for ombré look.

There’s endless possibilities with this kit. Tomorrow’s post will be fun.

My nails are almost ready, polish is off. For anyone wondering if polish or gel polish is going to ruin, or dry out their nails, I always have polish on, I don’t like my nails nude. Here they are, looking pretty good, a little long.
I’ll be back tomorrow with color on my nails again.