Whoa it’s been awhile

Where has the time gone… Life derailed me for a bit. Big changes happening to my life, career wise.
First, the holidays came. Busy time for family and work. Then much needed vacation to Florida mid January.
Oh, quit my job of over 5 years. Started somewhere new, not caring for it at all. Oh, everyone is nice and helpful, but starting all over isn’t good for an anxiety prone person. So I’m calling 2014, MIDLIFE crisis.
I’m turning 40 in a few months. Wondering to myself “is this really what I want to be doing in 10-15 years??” Yes. I think.
So I do love what I do, nails. I just need a new home. Yes a home. Hopefully tomorrow brings me one. Or there’s always the rental option…again anxiety. Or da da da! Something not in the beauty industry! What!? Again anxiety.
I’ve been polishing like crazy. Love colors, love art, love happy people.
Since we are stuck in this ever loving Polar Vortex forever… People leave. To be warm, to be happy. But 1st, they need happy feet. That’s where I come in. I do love it, I do.
So here’s to Marie! Cheers, I’m blogging again. It may not be all unicorns and glitter. But it’s what I do, there’s a fair amount of glitter too.

Newest shades, from Dollish Polish (love her), the man in black. A holo black, camera does not do this justice. My new favorite, for now.

Playing with Nail Vinyls, love. With vinylux polish.


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