These are a few of my favorite things!

Here we go! The last push before the holidays, so much we think we need to do, or get done. I received my order from Dollish Polish late last week, and the colors are great. I also love when your reading and there’s a random Doctor Who reference.


This is ‘It’s bigger on the inside’, I LOVE this color. I could wear this a lot, it’s a Tardis Blue with a silver shimmer.

20131215-185720.jpg I have been waiting for this to be in stock, Expecto Patronum. A must for all potter fans.

25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights, from the Griswald Christmas Vacation. I really like this as well, will be wearing closer to Christmas. It’s a cream with a mix of silver, and gold glitter and stars.

Also from Christmas Vacation, the Jolliest Bunch of As*holes This Side of the Nuthouse. The name alone is great, it’s a cream with large and small glitter and circles in red and green.

Shellac in Midnight Swim with silver foil and silver hologram glitter. I liken to a winter night.
Merry Christmas!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Well it’s been a week, and what a week. At my work, we have an annual Holiday Open House. This year it was 5 days, and all Aveda is 20% off. So it’s been a little busy. It’s also one of my most busy times of year. Cramming people in, getting my own day to day and holiday shopping done. I’m still waiting on my Dollish Polish order to arrive, so I’ll post pics that I’ve had.

Ciate velvet, absolutely one of my favorites. Not the best to wear while I am working, but still pretty cool.

Tardis nail, done for another work event. Still for us whovians pretty easy. I polished and made to Tardis separately. I polished the blue on a plastic bag, with white spots for the police box windows. When that dried, I cut it downtown the shape I needed. Since it was polish, it would stick right to my nail, top coat and voila.

Llamasaqua, love this color and this line. Great colors and long lasting. I have this in a tan as well, not my favorite, ended up darker than I would of liked. Love this green though.

Rubble in Shellac, or Vinylux, with foil for a bit of flash.