Holidays and hurt fingers

Well it’s the happiest and most glitteriest time of year! I’ve been starting with all the holiday nails at work, that’s always fun. As my manager says “follow the glitter and you should find Heather”.

20131128-103821.jpg I took this off my Instagram acct, as I did not remember to snap it myself. We did Shellac in Rubble with some shimmery glitter. This is the best stuff I’ve found, it’s actually MAC eye makeup, but I couldn’t figure it out to stick to my eyes. So I tried on nails, fabulous! It lays flatter, and it’s discs. More mirror shimmer than glittery.
I love holiday nails and more to come as it starts up here.
As for the hurt nails, my son smashed his pinky finger about a month ago. It was very bad.

This was the other day. Almost there, and will come off soon. Pretty eh?
The best way to handle this bad of a smash, is to heat a safety pin with a lighter & slowly drill into nail. This makes a hole and releases all the blood and goo (technical term). You’ll still lose the nail, but it helps with the throbbing pain. It’s his pinkie, so that will grow back quite quickly.
I’ll be back soon with holidays galore. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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