CND Vinylux

CND brought us a polish line back in May, Vinylux.
We’ve been using this in our salon since it came out. It’s a great, very durable polish. CND reformulated polish forever. This line doesn’t need a base coat, and drys in 8.5 min, I like to say under 10 min. There’s about 60 colors and about 90% match their Shellac line. I think there’s about 6 that aren’t in Shellac. I’ve included a few pictures of bottles. I apologize for the darkness, this time so year in MN there’s not a lot sunlight.




This is one of my favorites from the line, Daring escape.
Vinylux is hands down, one of the best polishes I’ve ever used. It does last a week. Even with working doing Shellac & pedicures, all I ever have is a little wear to my right index and middle finger. On the toes, it doesn’t budge. It does take acetone and a little elbow grease to take off the Vinylux.




Vinylux is easy to work with, for simple designs.
Look for Vinylux at salons only.


2 thoughts on “CND Vinylux

  1. Thanks for the beautiful morning manicure today Heather!!
    I love the deep merlot color we picked.
    happy thanksgiving!!


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