Ohh! I received the greatest gift ever this last week. Tomorrow I am going to play and post what we created. So this is it

The Ciate Nail Lab.
I am so very excited about this. My sister sent it to me, as an early Christmas gift.
It is huge! The top opens, & there’s recipe cards, get the look step by steps. The Nail Lab has also has 6 colors to have as base colors in your mix.

The first drawer has 8! Yes 8 suspension top coats, for creating your mix.

The second drawer has 2 empty bottles for any glitter mix you’ve made and have a left over to save. It also has 12 glitter pots, various colors and sizes.

The third drawer has all the professional tools that you would need. These are tools I have at the salon as well. It includes a cuticle pusher, a dotter, a polish brush , nail file, & a striping brush. There’s is also mixing balls for polish mixes your have created. There’s a Petri dish for mixing glitter or polish, 2 tubes for glitter mixing, a funnel for saving glitter into empty bottles, & sponges for ombré look.

There’s endless possibilities with this kit. Tomorrow’s post will be fun.

My nails are almost ready, polish is off. For anyone wondering if polish or gel polish is going to ruin, or dry out their nails, I always have polish on, I don’t like my nails nude. Here they are, looking pretty good, a little long.
I’ll be back tomorrow with color on my nails again.


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