Busy Saturday

Today I worked on more swatches. Luckily here in MN, it was windy and cold. Good day to stay inside an do a bit of work.
Not only am I working on this blog, have a full time career in nails, I also have 4 kids. So my youngest daughter was helping me with polish today, then she started in on her own as well. I have 2 girls and 2 boys, the girls are 14 & 9. They decided to make polish today as well, so it was great seeing them creating new colors just for them.
Here’s a bit of what I worked on today. I had 4 colors from Dollish Polish and had bought The Twenty Two Formula X.


Redrum, by Dollish Polish. Love this color, I’m not a huge red or red family fan, but this red Holo is absolutely great, I love it. After just finished The Shining and Doctor Sleep, perfect complement to the books.

The Twenty Two Formula X at Sephora, are minis of 22 of the renewed Formula X line. There’s neons, metallics, creams, darks, and confetti top coats. The neons are great, but the yellow, and red need 3 coats to get coverage. The creams can streak, so a good couple coats will do it. The metallics will show brush strokes. Here’s a few pictures to get an idea of colors with and without the confetti top coats.

This is Dark Matter with Wham top coat, very shiny black, I love the versatility of these top coats too.

White Matter with Meteoric top coat. This is a very white white. It’s thicker like most really whites are. I really like to use a glitter or confetti top coats with whites like this.

Zap is a warm yellow, this does need 3 coats. I put Bionic top coat over it and I love the look. I think this will be great this spring.

Radioactive is a lime cream color, I put the Bionic top coat over this as well. Again I like this look too.
The top coats are bumpy when dry, if this bothers you I’d put another brand top coat over to make it smooth.
I’ll finish with the other colors from both lines, and more from the CND Vinylux line too.
I am also working on a few step by steps to be posted later this week.
Thank you and have a great evening.


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